Working with you

Working with you

Want help in creating a new product or simply improving the taste of an original recipe? We have the solution for you with our own Product Development facilities. We also have the facilities for contract manufacturing. Whether this be using our products with private labelling or creating something completely of your own, we will produce, fill, label and pack it all for you!

To see what all we offer as part of our Product Development and Contract Manufacturing package, see below. 

Private Labelling

Want to sell quality products under your own business brand but without the hassle? Want a fast way of getting your brand out there? Or maybe you have a really good product or product idea but just don't have the facilities to mass produce it? Let us take care of that for you! 
Here at Down Sauce Co we have the staff and facilities to make your product shelf ready. We offer products in Retail, Foodservice and Catering Bottle sizes. 

What services are included with our Private Labelling?
  • We will arrange a consultation with you to find out exactly what it is you want 
  • If you are working on your own recipe or developing a new one, we will work with you to make sure they are commercially viable
  •  We then send away the finished recipes for product testing e.g shelf life testing 
  • We offer advice on packaging and the labelling of your finished product 
  • We produce a small batch of your product for sampling
  • Once you're ready, then we start large volume production of your product

Food product development and consultancy

The Down Sauce Co Ltd team in Northern Ireland has worked with chefs and food manufacturing engineers around the world to develop original recipes, international cuisine inspired cooking sauces, marinades and condiments. 
Whether you want to improve a product that is already on the market or want to develop a new product to expand your product line, our team have got you covered. 

We are familiar with international dishes and flavours and can be relied upon to provide expert product formulas and manufacturing ideas to meet your requirements. Alternatively we offer new product development facility hire for customers who have the skills based in-house but don't have the space and the required equipment. 
Arrange a consultation
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New Product Development and Contract Manufacturing Package

We can:
  • Can identify innovative product opportunities suited to each individual customer
  • Can take any idea that you have and manage the entire development of the product, from the creation process to certified testing and to the launch of your product
  • Try our best to meet dietary requirements e.g. Gluten Free without compromising the taste or quality
  • Have the equipment to enable large scale manufacture for all our products and your own label ensuring consistency in every product produced
  • Identify a source for the raw material or ingredient you require
  • Offer independent consultations for personal product development of your own existing or new products identifying appropriate solutions for your products
  • Assess the quality of the product against specification and attributes with a series of testing
  • Offer microbiological testing as part of our package

Customer Quotes

"That was one of my main struggles. I can make these sauces in my kitchen, but how do I make them commercial? I reached out to a local company. It is a family run business in Downpatrick, the Down Sauce Company. They took my recipe, advised me on how to make it commercial and they really have been very good to me and have helped through from zero to one hundred on how to make a product, make it commercial and how to get it on the shelves" Read More
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